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Explore a range of stunning designs, from classic solitaires to dazzling halos, all meticulously set in luxurious 18k gold. GIA or IGI Certified: Every ring comes with a trusted certification for peace of mind. 

Glamorous Engagement Ring

Explore our stunning lab-grown diamond engagement rings, blending bold size with intricate design. Ethically sourced brilliance for your timeless commitment.

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Simple Engagement Ring

Discover our captivating collection of solitaire engagement rings. Plain and minimalist, these rings go beyond trends, highlighting the dazzling beauty of a single, ethically sourced lab-grown diamond.

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Engagement Rings FAQs

Save up to 80% while purchasing lab-grown diamonds. Upsize your diamond while still saving so much compared to how much you would spend on natural diamonds. We definitely agree with the statement “the bigger, the better.”

Physically, chemically and optically, lab-grown diamonds are identical to natural diamonds. The only difference is the place of birth. Natural diamonds are mined from the Earth while lab-grown diamonds are grown inside a lab.

Both GIA (Gemological Institute of America) and IGI (International Gemological Institute) produce certificates for lab-grown diamonds because they are 100% real. Lab-grown diamonds are not diamond simulants like moissanites or cubic zirconias.